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March 01, 2019

January & February 2019

New datasets

Restaurant inspections! This release includes 3 key datasets:

  • Establishments is a master list of restaurants, bars, school cafeterias, stadium concessions and more that have been inspected by the Detroit Health Department since August 1, 2016
  • All Inspections conducted is a meaty entrypoint and includes:

    • Inspection date
    • Inspection type (common values are "Routine inspection", "Complaint" or "Plan Review")
    • Number of violations cited and corrected by category ("Priority" is most serious, "Priority Foundation" is serious and "Core" is least serious)
    • Overall inspection outcome ("Compliant" or "Not compliant")
  • Violations by Inspection offers the (sometimes queasy) details about individual violations that were cited during inspections, like:

    • Michigan Food Code definition and category ("Priority", "Priority Foundation" or "Core") of the violation
    • Where the violation occured (for example, "Kitchen" or "Storage Room")
    • A summary of the problem and items cited (like "Hair restraint not worn on head/hair")
    • If and when the violation was corrected, and a description of the action required to correct it

Existing datasets

The Buildings & Safety Department has been migrating away from its' legacy licensing and permitting system to an online platform; we're actively working to gain access to that new system and rebuild our open data connections to update BSEED datasets that have been static since December 2018. There's an interim Building Permits report available here in the meantime.

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