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December 21, 2018

Year end 2018

We didn't mean to let our changelogs drift off, but alas here's a wrap up of what's changed over the final months of 2018 and what to expect in the new year.

New datasets

We've also started hosting copies of reports available as "Documents" on directly on the open data portal for improved search-ability and access. For example, you can now find:

Updates to existing datasets

  • New rounds of Motor City Match & Motor City Restore awardees:

  • Improve Detroit Issues ( now include all types of tickets opened. Previously, three types of private tickets were not included on the open data portal because they contain sensitive information and may be implicated in police investigations. Now, these three types of tickets - Abandoned Vehicles, Illegal Dumping in Progress, and Squatters Issues - are included in open data with their description and exact location redacted for privacy. This lends a more accurate picture of how many total requests are opened and closed over time.
  • DPD 911 Calls for Service ( still updates daily, but calls are now posted a full day after the original call date to ensure the call has been fully closed out. We've also filtered out duplicate calls after learning new information about how call dispatchers intake reports. This filter corrects for example cases like this one: a caller calls about a Nonviolent Disturbance (Priority 3) at 10 AM. At 11 AM, the caller calls again to update DPD that the disturbance has turned violent or a gun has appeared. DPD then would change the priority from 3 to 1. If DPD then arrived at the scene at 11:10 AM, then the total response time would show 70 minutes instead of 10 minutes, which was the total response time for the priority 1 call.
  • Detroit Local Historic Districts ( is now hosted on ArcGIS Online, but can be found on Socrata.

Coming soon

  • Restaurant inspection data!

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