BSN Sports, LLC
SUPPLIER based in DALLAS, TX, 75209, US

Top Cost Centers

Recreation Operations Administration
4 payments for $13,736.80
Gift Catalogue Donations
4 payments for $487.97
Butzel Family Center
1 payments for $216.74

Total Payments by Expense Category

Professional and Contractual Services
5 payments for $13,786.80
Operating Supplies
4 payments for $654.71

Summary of All Payments
9 payments totaling $14,441.51

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Recreation Department >>

9 payments for $14,441.51

$13,586.80General FundRecreation Operations AdministrationProfessional and Contractual ServicesRecreation_615100
$150.00General FundRecreation Operations AdministrationProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$216.74General FundButzel Family CenterOperating SuppliesOperating Supplies - General
$208.97General GrantsGift Catalogue DonationsOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
$229.00General GrantsGift Catalogue DonationsOperating SuppliesHardware Maintenance
$50.00General GrantsGift Catalogue DonationsProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
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