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Top Cost Centers

Street Resurfacing Contract
22 payments for $15,352,098.30
Water Bond Fund Series 2011.
3 payments for $274,005.30
SDWSD-R Field Svc Oper
1 payments for $265,684.89
Street Resurfacing Contracts
2 payments for $191,721.14
WDWSD-R Field Svc Oper
1 payments for $177,123.26

Total Payments by Expense Category

Capital Equipment
19 payments for $15,474,343.56
Capital Outlays
7 payments for $512,284.03
Professional and Contractual Services
4 payments for $274,562.25

Summary of All Payments
30 payments totaling $16,261,189.84

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Department of Public Works >>

24 payments for $15,543,819.44

$15,031,535.41Major StreetStreet Resurfacing ContractCapital EquipmentAcquisitions-WIP-Construction
$320,562.89Major StreetStreet Resurfacing ContractCapital OutlaysMajor Rep - Impro. Other Than Bldg
$191,721.14Local StreetsStreet Resurfacing ContractsCapital OutlaysMajor Rep - Impro. Other Than Bldg
Water & Sewerage Department >>

6 payments for $717,370.40

$274,005.30Water Bond Fund Series 2011Water Bond Fund Series 2011.Professional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$265,684.89DWSD - R - SewerSDWSD-R Field Svc OperCapital EquipmentAcquisitions-WIP-Construction
$177,123.26DWSD - R - WaterWDWSD-R Field Svc OperCapital EquipmentAcquisitions-WIP-Construction
$556.95Sewage Operation and MaintenanceWastewater Operations_422221Professional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
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