SUPPLIER based in Southgate, MI, 48195, US

Top Cost Centers

Central Business District & Maj. Blds Valuation Division
5 payments for $35,988.58
13 payments for $5,267.32
5 payments for $2,489.55

Total Payments by Expense Category

Professional and Contractual Services
8 payments for $38,088.58
Operating Supplies
11 payments for $4,829.65
Operating Services
4 payments for $827.22

Summary of All Payments
23 payments totaling $43,745.45

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Office of the Chief Financial Officer >>

23 payments for $43,745.45

$2,050.00General FundAssessmentProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$439.55General FundAssessmentOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$4,390.10General FundTreasuryOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$782.97General FundTreasuryOperating ServicesPurchased Computer Service
$50.00General FundTreasuryProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$44.25General FundTreasuryOperating ServicesPrinting
$35,988.58General FundCentral Business District & Maj. Blds Valuation DivisionProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
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