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Top Cost Centers

Grants-Dept. of Transportation
373 payments for $482,866.71
DOT Materials Management
190 payments for $180,163.78
Preventive Maintenance
62 payments for $101,706.32
Preventive Maintenence
7 payments for $49,582.20

Total Payments by Expense Category

Operating Supplies
632 payments for $814,319.01

Summary of All Payments
632 payments totaling $814,319.01

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Department of Transportation >>

632 payments for $814,319.01

$180,163.78Transportation OperationDOT Materials ManagementOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Automotive
$482,866.71Transportation Grants FundGrants-Dept. of TransportationOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Automotive
$49,582.20Transportation Grants FundPreventive MaintenenceOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Automotive
$103,249.43Transportation Grants FundPreventive MaintenanceOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Automotive
-$1,543.11Transportation OperationPreventive MaintenanceOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Automotive
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