SUPPLIER based in DETROIT, MI, 48221, US

Top Cost Centers

Health Animal Control
40 payments for $34,429.55
Health Administration
10 payments for $8,943.02
Food Sanitation
6 payments for $6,164.78
Tactical Support
2 payments for $2,370.96
Resource Management Division
3 payments for $1,113.72

Total Payments by Expense Category

Operating Supplies
66 payments for $53,448.85

Summary of All Payments
66 payments totaling $53,448.85

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Detroit Health Department >>

56 payments for $49,537.35

$34,429.55General FundHealth Animal ControlOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Medical
$6,164.78General FundFood SanitationOperating SuppliesOper Supp-Animals
$8,943.02General FundHealth AdministrationOperating SuppliesOper Supp-Animals
Fire Department >>

5 payments for $426.82

$426.82General FundFire Marshal-Arson InvestigationOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
Police Department >>

5 payments for $3,484.68

$1,113.72General FundResource Management DivisionOperating SuppliesOper Supp-Animals
$2,370.96General FundTactical SupportOperating SuppliesOper Supp-Animals
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