SUPPLIER based in DETROIT, MI, 48209, US

Top Cost Centers

DOT Vehicle Maintenance
290 payments for $6,665,078.51
Fleet Management
854 payments for $4,713,691.15
DOT Materials Management
114 payments for $1,899,720.97
WDWSD-R Cost Cl-Gen Stores
58 payments for $500,000.00
Cost Clearing_Fuel
9 payments for $62,835.05

Total Payments by Expense Category

Operating Supplies
1,355 payments for $13,867,983.17

Summary of All Payments
1,355 payments totaling $13,867,983.17

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Airport >>

29 payments for $18,044.33

$18,044.33Airport Operation and MaintAirport MaintenanceOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Fuel
Department of Transportation >>

404 payments for $8,564,799.48

$6,665,078.51Transportation OperationDOT Vehicle MaintenanceOperating SuppliesOperating Supply-Fuel Diesel
$1,899,720.97Transportation OperationDOT Materials ManagementOperating SuppliesFuel Oil For Power Production
General Services Department >>

854 payments for $4,713,691.15

$4,713,691.15General FundFleet ManagementOperating SuppliesFuel Oil For Power Production
Water & Sewerage Department >>

68 payments for $571,448.21

$500,000.00DWSD - R - WaterWDWSD-R Cost Cl-Gen StoresOperating SuppliesStores Increase-General
$62,835.05Water Operation and MaintenanceCost Clearing_FuelOperating SuppliesStores Increase-Fuel
$8,613.16DWSD - R - WaterWDWSD-R Cost Clear-FuelOperating SuppliesStores Increase-Fuel
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