SUPPLIER based in ROYAL OAK, MI, 48067, US

Top Cost Centers

Facilities Management Section
9 payments for $416,221.69
Administration General Office
9 payments for $132,361.56
Off of Dept Tech Svcs
9 payments for $26,514.00
Detroit Building Authority
9 payments for $10,297.50
Board of Police Commissioners
9 payments for $7,094.25

Total Payments by Expense Category

Operating Services
45 payments for $592,489.00

Summary of All Payments
45 payments totaling $592,489.00

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Department of Innovation & Technology >>

9 payments for $26,514.00

$26,514.00General FundOff of Dept Tech SvcsOperating ServicesRentals- Buildings
Fire Department >>

9 payments for $132,361.56

$132,361.56General FundAdministration General OfficeOperating ServicesRentals- Buildings
Non Departmental >>

9 payments for $10,297.50

$10,297.50General FundDetroit Building AuthorityOperating ServicesRentals- Buildings
Police Department >>

18 payments for $423,315.94

$7,094.25General FundBoard of Police CommissionersOperating ServicesRentals- Buildings
$416,221.69General FundFacilities Management SectionOperating ServicesRentals- Buildings
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