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Top Cost Centers

Detroit Detention Center
14 payments for $8,126,599.92
DOT Building Maintenance
17 payments for $606,300.21
Court Administration
5 payments for $364,057.50
Divisional Administrative Services
13 payments for $281,027.01
Administration Support Unit
11 payments for $186,393.80

Total Payments by Expense Category

Operating Supplies
109 payments for $451,356.50
Operating Services
122 payments for $9,708,221.02
Professional and Contractual Services
10 payments for $72,905.00
Fixed Charges
1 payments for $2,100.00
Other Expenses
4 payments for $188,026.02
Pass Through
9 payments for $12,676.99
Sales and Charges for Services
22 payments for $80,690.00

Summary of All Payments
277 payments totaling $10,515,975.53

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
36th District Court >>

15 payments for $403,122.72

$177,450.00General FundCourt AdministrationOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Equipment
$39,065.22General FundDirect CostsOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$186,322.50General FundCourt AdministrationOperating SuppliesSoftware Maintenance
$285.00General FundCourt AdministrationProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
Airport >>

1 payments for $50.00

$50.00Airport Operation and MaintAirport AdministrationOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department >>

5 payments for $3,620.00

$3,620.00Construction Code FundBSE&ED AdministrationProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
Department of Public Works >>

16 payments for $283,737.01

$510.00Major StreetDPW-Snow & Ice RemovalOperating ServicesDues & Miscellaneous
$281,027.01Solid Waste ManagementDivisional Administrative ServicesOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$2,100.00Major StreetDPW Street MaintenanceFixed ChargesCost of Issuance
$100.00Local StreetsCity Engineers-LocalOperating ServicesDues & Miscellaneous
Department of Transportation >>

18 payments for $615,050.21

$34,842.00Transportation OperationDOT Building MaintenanceOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Bldgs&Ground
$571,458.21Transportation OperationDOT Building MaintenanceOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$8,750.00Transportation OperationDOT Vehicle OperationOther ExpensesMiscellaneous Expense
Detroit Health Department >>

10 payments for $20,992.00

$20,992.00General FundFood SanitationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
Detroit Public Library >>

18 payments for $8,169.60

$4,377.94LibraryDPL - Facilities MaintenanceOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$3,791.66LibraryDPL - Facilities MaintenanceOperating ServicesUtilities-Pld Electricity
Fire Department >>

103 payments for $271,267.60

$2,150.00General FundE.M.S. Field OperationsOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
$153,250.00General FundSystem SupportOperating ServicesData Com Services
$55,006.86General FundFire Fighting - OperationsOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$60,860.74General FundFS - 111 Montcalm E1 T2Operating ServicesUtilities-Pld Electricity
General Services Department >>

11 payments for $59,288.55

$31,913.55General FundProperty ManagementOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$27,375.00General FundFacilities ManagementOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
Office of the Chief Financial Officer >>

1 payments for $5,325.00

$5,325.00General FundAssessmentOperating ServicesDues & Miscellaneous
Pass Through Payments >>

9 payments for $12,676.99

$0.10Prop Tax Receiving FundDefault Cost CenterPass ThroughDue to Downtown Development Authority
$707.03Prop Tax Receiving FundDefault Cost CenterPass ThroughDue to Library
$1,259.34Prop Tax Receiving FundDefault Cost CenterPass ThroughDue to Debt Service Fund Class
$4,216.15Prop Tax Receiving FundDefault Cost CenterPass ThroughDue to Board Of Ed-Taxes
$2,527.97Prop Tax Receiving FundDefault Cost CenterPass ThroughDue to County Govt
$3,049.34Prop Tax Receiving FundDefault Cost CenterPass ThroughDue to General Fund (City Ad Valorum
$917.06Prop Tax Receiving FundDefault Cost CenterPass ThroughSET Taxes Due to Wayne County
Police Department >>

40 payments for $8,276,289.92

$8,126,599.92General FundDetroit Detention CenterOperating ServicesRentals- Buildings
$55,460.00General FundRecords & IdentificationSales and Charges for ServicesOther Fees
$69,000.00General FundOffice of Deputy Chief Technical Services BureauProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$25,230.00General FundRecords and IdentificationSales and Charges for ServicesOther Fees
Public Lighting Department >>

10 payments for $664.40

$404.40General FundGeneral AdministrationOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$260.00General FundGeneral AdministrationOther ExpensesMisc-License
Recreation Department >>

12 payments for $188,568.80

$186,393.80General FundAdministration Support UnitOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$2,175.00General FundRecreation Operations AdministrationOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
Water & Sewerage Department >>

8 payments for $367,152.73

$107,409.61DWSD - R - SewerSDWSD-R Chief Financial OfficerOther ExpensesShared Services Expense
$112,882.02DWSD - R - SewerCentral Services Facility-SewerOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$75,254.69DWSD - R - WaterCentral Services Facility-WaterOperating ServicesUtilities-Gas
$71,606.41DWSD - R - WaterWDWSD-R Chf Fin OfficerOther ExpensesShared Services Expense
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