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Top Cost Centers

BSE&ED Administration
11 payments for $5,787.60
E-911 Improvements
1 payments for $3,795.00
Office Of The Mayor
2 payments for $3,164.55
Law Administration
3 payments for $2,061.40
District 1 Council Member
1 payments for $1,795.00

Total Payments by Expense Category

Operating Supplies
39 payments for $9,646.96
Operating Services
33 payments for $17,083.89

Summary of All Payments
72 payments totaling $26,730.85

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department >>

14 payments for $7,078.74

$5,381.36Construction Code FundBSE&ED AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$1,291.14Construction Code FundBSE&E Housing-InspectionsOperating ServicesPrinting
$406.24Construction Code FundBSE&ED AdministrationOperating SuppliesOperating Supplies - Testing Apparatus
City Council >>

10 payments for $3,527.05

$794.00General FundLegislative Policy DivisionOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$508.50General FundLegislative Policy DivisionOperating ServicesPrinting
$150.00General FundDistrict 5 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$1,795.00General FundDistrict 1 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$80.00General FundDistrict 2 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$174.55General FundDistrict 4 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$25.00General FundDistrict 4 Council MemberOperating SuppliesPaper Goods
Department of Appeals & Hearings >>

1 payments for $839.80

$839.80General FundDAH AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Department of Public Works >>

11 payments for $1,414.55

$326.55Major StreetCity EngineersOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$68.99Major StreetDPW Street MaintenanceOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
$246.40Major StreetTransportation-Signs & MarkingsOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$39.50General FundDept of Public Works AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$523.65Solid Waste ManagementDivisional Administrative ServicesOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
$209.46Solid Waste ManagementDivisional Administrative ServicesOperating ServicesPrinting
Detroit Health Department >>

4 payments for $282.14

$206.14General FundHealth AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$76.00General FundHealth AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
Election Commission >>

2 payments for $285.40

$170.40General FundElections AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$115.00General FundElections AdministrationOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
Fire Department >>

1 payments for $228.00

$228.00General FundFire Fighting-AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
Law Department >>

3 payments for $2,061.40

$2,061.40General FundLaw AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Mayor's Office >>

2 payments for $3,164.55

$3,164.55General FundOffice Of The MayorOperating ServicesPrinting
Office of the Chief Financial Officer >>

10 payments for $614.29

$440.65General FundAssessmentOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
-$43.34General FundOCFO AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$137.98General FundGeneral AccountingOperating ServicesPrinting
$79.00General FundGeneral AccountingOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
Ombudsman >>

1 payments for $49.00

$49.00General FundOmbudsperson Investigation of ComplaintsOperating ServicesPrinting
Police Department >>

8 payments for $5,865.67

$1,759.80General FundFacilities Management SectionOperating ServicesPrinting
$206.97General FundBoard of Police CommissionersOperating ServicesPrinting
$3,795.00General FundE-911 ImprovementsOperating ServicesPrinting
$103.90General FundResource Management DivisionOperating ServicesPrinting
Recreation Department >>

5 payments for $1,320.26

$979.46General FundAdministration Support UnitOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$340.80General FundAdministration Support UnitOperating ServicesPrinting
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