SUPPLIER based in Southfield, MI, 48033, US

Top Cost Centers

Primary Election
31 payments for $22,520.88
General Accounting
1 payments for $1,418.30
Crime Scene Services
1 payments for $570.00
BSE&ED Administration
2 payments for $450.00
Law Administration
4 payments for $120.00

Total Payments by Expense Category

Operating Services
19 payments for $9,396.00
Operating Supplies
19 payments for $12,199.18
Professional and Contractual Services
5 payments for $3,694.00

Summary of All Payments
43 payments totaling $25,289.18

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department >>

2 payments for $450.00

$450.00Construction Code FundBSE&ED AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
City Council >>

2 payments for $120.00

$60.00General FundDistrict 4 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$60.00General FundDistrict 1 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
Detroit Health Department >>

1 payments for $60.00

$60.00General FundHealth AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Election Commission >>

31 payments for $22,520.88

$3,249.00General FundPrimary ElectionOperating SuppliesRepair & Maint - Air Conditioning
$4,746.00General FundPrimary ElectionOperating ServicesPrinting
$109.00General FundPrimary ElectionOperating SuppliesOperating Supplies - General
$6,771.38General FundPrimary ElectionOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$65.50General FundPrimary ElectionOperating SuppliesPaper Goods
$3,300.00General FundPrimary ElectionOperating ServicesAdvertising
$3,694.00General FundPrimary ElectionProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$375.00General FundPrimary ElectionOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Sign Materials
$211.00General FundPrimary ElectionOperating SuppliesHardware Maintenance
Law Department >>

4 payments for $120.00

$120.00General FundLaw AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Office of the Chief Financial Officer >>

2 payments for $1,448.30

$30.00General FundPurchasingOperating ServicesPrinting
$1,418.30General FundGeneral AccountingOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
Police Department >>

1 payments for $570.00

$570.00General FundCrime Scene ServicesOperating ServicesPrinting
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