SUPPLIER based in DETROIT, MI, 48228, US

Top Cost Centers

6 payments for $115,007.88
General Election
5 payments for $87,511.21
DOT Materials Management
21 payments for $33,647.28
DOT Customer Programs & Communications
22 payments for $31,642.20
Resource Management Division
69 payments for $25,122.07

Total Payments by Expense Category

Operating Services
325 payments for $310,766.14
Operating Supplies
141 payments for $61,275.61
Other Expenses
2 payments for $498.70
Professional and Contractual Services
11 payments for $33,141.41

Summary of All Payments
479 payments totaling $405,681.86

AgencyTotal PaymentsFundCost CenterExpense CategoryExpense
36th District Court >>

2 payments for $1,160.95

$1,160.95General FundCourt AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department >>

74 payments for $8,996.00

$5,514.40Construction Code FundBSE&ED AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$298.90Construction Code FundBSE&ED AdministrationOther ExpensesMiscellaneous Expense
$2,029.80Construction Code FundBSE&E Housing-InspectionsOperating ServicesPrinting
$549.00Construction Code FundBSE&ED AdministrationOperating SuppliesOperating Supplies - Testing Apparatus
$603.90Construction Code FundBSE&ED AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
City Clerk >>

3 payments for $829.60

$774.70General FundOffice Of The City ClerkOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$54.90General FundOffice Of The City ClerkOperating ServicesPrinting
City Council >>

34 payments for $6,249.66

$287.80General FundCouncil Member At-Large 2Operating ServicesPrinting
$524.30General FundDistrict 5 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$901.90General FundDistrict 2 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$1,729.90General FundLegislative Policy DivisionOperating ServicesPrinting
$423.60General FundDistrict 1 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$1,313.66General FundDistrict 7 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$159.80General FundDistrict 3 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$139.80General FundDistrict 3 Council MemberOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$239.70General FundDistrict 4 Council MemberOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$419.40General FundDistrict 4 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
$54.90General FundDistrict 6 Council MemberOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$54.90General FundDistrict 6 Council MemberOperating ServicesPrinting
Civil Rights, Inclusion & Opportunity >>

2 payments for $164.70

$164.70General FundHuman Rights AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Department of Appeals & Hearings >>

4 payments for $5,988.85

$5,988.85General FundDAH AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Department of Innovation & Technology >>

9 payments for $583.90

$364.30General FundOff of Dept Tech SvcsOperating ServicesPrinting
$219.60General FundOff of Dept Tech SvcsOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
Department of Public Works >>

19 payments for $3,099.10

$54.90Major StreetTransportation PlanningOperating ServicesPrinting
$359.20General FundGeneral InspectionOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$274.50General FundDept of Public Works AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$1,152.90Major StreetDPW Street MaintenanceOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
$109.80Major StreetTransportation PlanningOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$324.30Major StreetCity EngineersOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$713.70Solid Waste ManagementDivisional Administrative ServicesOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$109.80Local StreetsDPW-Street Maintenance - LOCALOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
Department of Transportation >>

46 payments for $67,982.98

$2,289.00Transportation OperationDOT Materials ManagementOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$1,390.00Transportation OperationDOT Customer Programs & CommunicationsOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$9,511.38Transportation OperationDOT Materials ManagementOperating ServicesPrinting
$12,782.40Transportation OperationDOT Customer Programs & CommunicationsOperating ServicesPrinting
$19,716.00Transportation OperationDOT Materials ManagementOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Automotive
$17,469.80Transportation OperationDOT Customer Programs & CommunicationsOperating ServicesAdvertising
$2,693.50Transportation OperationDOT AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$2,130.90Transportation OperationDOT Materials ManagementProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
Detroit Health Department >>

15 payments for $988.20

$549.00General FundHealth AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$219.60General FundHealth AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$219.60General FundHealth Animal ControlOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Medical
Election Commission >>

25 payments for $230,652.39

$2,505.90General FundElections AdministrationProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$1,999.00General FundPrimary ElectionOperating ServicesPrinting
$115,007.88General FundRegistrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$24,506.01General FundGeneral ElectionProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$3,998.60General FundPrimary ElectionProfessional and Contractual ServicesContract Svcs-Other-Misc
$1,998.90General FundPrimary ElectionOperating SuppliesOperating Supplies - General
$17,521.10General FundVoter EducationOperating ServicesAdvertising
$4,999.00General FundGeneral ElectionOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
$54.90General FundElections AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$54.90General FundElections AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$58,006.20General FundGeneral ElectionOperating ServicesAdvertising
Fire Department >>

2 payments for $109.80

$109.80General FundApparatus-StoresOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
General Services Department >>

5 payments for $743.50

$89.80General FundGeneral Services AdministrationOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
$54.90General FundGeneral Services AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$598.80General FundGeneral Services AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
Housing & Revitalization Department >>

10 payments for $4,821.50

$2,920.00General FundOPPP Direct-Tax Incentives Policy and DevelopmentOperating Services
$199.80Block GrantOffice of Administration Direct - Reporting and ComplianceOther ExpensesMiscellaneous Expense
$1,252.70General FundHRD Indirect CostOperating ServicesPrinting
$449.00Gordie Howe International Bridge (GHIB) ProjectDevelopment CityOperating ServicesPrinting
Human Resources Department >>

9 payments for $1,427.20

$658.80General FundLR AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$603.70General FundTalent Development & Performance ManagementOperating ServicesPrinting
$109.80General FundBenefits AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$54.90General FundRecruitment & SelectionOperating ServicesPrinting
Law Department >>

24 payments for $1,592.20

$1,592.20General FundLaw AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Mayor's Office >>

23 payments for $8,252.60

$439.20General FundEmergency Management AwarenessOperating ServicesPrinting
$7,813.40General FundOffice Of The MayorOperating ServicesPrinting
Municipal Parking >>

2 payments for $5,764.50

$274.50Parking OperatingParking AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$5,490.00General FundViolation Bureau General Office & AuditsOperating ServicesPrinting
Non Departmental >>

4 payments for $1,481.70

$179.60General FundMedia ServicesOperating ServicesPrinting
$1,167.40General FundCommunication ServicesOperating ServicesPrinting
$134.70General FundBoard of EthicsOperating ServicesPrinting
Office of the Auditor General >>

1 payments for $134.70

$134.70General FundAdministration & General OfficeOperating ServicesPrinting
Office of the Chief Financial Officer >>

28 payments for $17,490.11

$11,619.90General FundTreasuryOperating ServicesPrinting
$99.80General FundOCFO AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$868.20General FundOCFO AdministrationOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$933.30General FundAssessmentOperating ServicesPrinting
$459.00General FundODFS - AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
$109.80General FundPurchasingOperating ServicesPrinting
$3,220.51General FundTreasuryOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$134.70General FundOffice of Grants ManagementOperating ServicesPrinting
$44.90General FundFinancial AccountingOperating ServicesPrinting
Office of the Inspector General Department >>

1 payments for $109.80

$109.80General FundOffice of the Inspector GeneralOperating ServicesPrinting
Planning Department >>

21 payments for $1,582.10

$1,582.10General FundPlanning - CityOperating ServicesPrinting
Police Department >>

91 payments for $27,138.07

$15,128.27General FundResource Management DivisionOperating ServicesPrinting
$9,993.80General FundResource Management DivisionOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$1,098.00General FundBoard of Police CommissionersOperating ServicesPrinting
$279.40General FundPolice Human ResourcesOperating ServicesPrinting
$583.70Police Grants FundVictim Assistance 2016-17Operating ServicesPrinting
$54.90General FundMedia Relations Bureau - AdminOperating ServicesPrinting
Public Lighting Department >>

1 payments for $54.90

$54.90General FundGeneral AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Recreation Department >>

15 payments for $823.50

$713.70General FundAdministration Support UnitOperating ServicesPrinting
$109.80General FundRecreation Operations AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
Water & Sewerage Department >>

7 payments for $6,745.65

$1,526.76DWSD - R - WaterWDWSD-R Field EngineeringOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$1,750.80DWSD - R - SewerSDWSD-R Field EngineeringOperating SuppliesRepairs & Maint-Automotive
$539.34DWSD - R - SewerSDWSD-R Field EngineeringOperating SuppliesOffice Supplies
$1,429.00DWSD - R - WaterWDWSD-R Field Svc OperOperating SuppliesOper Supplies-Miscellaneous
$599.90DWSD - R - WaterWDWSD-R Customer Service.Operating ServicesOther Oper Svc-Miscellaneous
$899.85DWSD - R - SewerSDWSD-R Customer ServiceOperating ServicesOther Oper Svc-Miscellaneous
Zoning Appeals >>

2 payments for $713.70

$713.70General FundBoard of Zoning Appeals Ordinance AdministrationOperating ServicesPrinting
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